For a lot of people, including those you think look cool and composed on stage, the thought of public speaking creates a surge in anxiety levels. That anxious feeling is daunting because the out-of-control emotional rollercoaster usually overrides logic.

When you don’t have the ability to calm yourself or manage your emotions it can stop you from volunteering to deliver a presentation (pass by an opportunity to be seen) or the reason for not sleeping well too nights before the day you’re scheduled to be on stage.

Presentation anxiety is an issue that clients often reach out to me for…

Signposts in public speaking are often missed or misunderstood.

You might know signposts by other names such as benchmarks or keypoints. No matter what you call them they are an integral piece to the framework of your speeches or presentations. If they’re not built in, you run the risk of losing your audience soon after you’ve spoken your first few words

What Is A Signpost In A Speech?

A signpost is a verbal or visual marker indicating the direction you are taking your speech/presentation or where you are presently at in order to help your audience move through different concepts, connect the dots, and help them stay…

One of the greatest honours you can receive is to be invited to deliver a keynote address. It’s exhilarating and a compliment to your expertise.

Recently a new client was asked to keynote a large women’s tech event. She was new to public speaking and this was her first high-stakes conference opportunity.

She’s a seasoned leader who works in an industry where she has few female colleagues. Although she loves her job, at times her career has been rough. …

A group of colleagues and myself meet weekly online. During our last meeting someone mentioned that although all of us are comfortable working online, many professionals aren’t. Not to mention that we’re guilty of being myopic by forgetting with those that haven’t kept up with effective video communication technology use.

The demands to meet via video communication platforms have grown over the past few years. It’s more important now than ever when our ability to meet in real life has been severely restricted.

Meeting online is a solid alternative to meeting in real life. It’s a time saver but has…

Most of us appreciate the importance of eye contact when carrying on a conversation or delivering an in person presentation. Did you know that making eye contact is just as important during online presentations?

Honing in on the camera helps you come across as being present and authentic. Focussing on your computer’s camera is how you do it. It makes the difference between participants feeling talked to vs. being talked at.

Our natural inclination is to locate the person(s) we’re viewing on screen — where they’re being displayed. …

Janice Tomich

Janice Tomich brings out speaker’s stories to influence change. She coaches executives, entrepreneurs and Aspen Ideas and TED speakers.

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